Dr. Skratek assisted in the development of “a training program that was successful beyond our expectations.” She brought energy and enthusiasm “to this project, delivering training to almost 350 individuals, from union and management, on a topic that represented change and challenge.” She introduced them to Interest Based Problem Resolution techniques and skills and “taught them how to engage with each other from a place of knowledge and respect. They learned, and they are ready to be leaders of this change”.
--- Union and Management officials of an international corporation


Advocates praise Dr. Skratek’s mediation skills:
I generally judge mediators on their knowledge, honesty, and credibility. I would give Sylvia the highest marks on each. I have worked with her for years and it has been a pleasure even under the most difficult of situations. She has tremendous professionalism, and is not afraid to tell it like it is. She knows how to put pressure on the parties when necessary, but also knows when to back off. She uses her experience as an arbitrator in looking at the subject matter of mediation and is an expert in working with the parties to reach a resolution.
Sylvia communicated with the parties in an open, direct, and honest manner. She kept us focused on the matter at hand, and did not let us… put our personal feelings in the way of coming to a solution. She gave us different ways to look at the issue to help move us forward.
Sylvia has incredible communication skills. She relates to a broad range of people, and gains the confidence of all parties in the room-in sincere and broad terms… She knows our culture, which is a huge advantage. She’s the best in the…area…She allows the parties to come to their own conclusions, and she is very candid in her sidebar discussions. She also knows our contract very well.
She was always trustworthy, never breached confidentiality, listened well and demonstrated she understood where the company and union were coming from. She probed for relevant facts, and remained neutral. She was able to properly set forth the issue and could read the parties very well. She also was good at telling the parties what flaws affected their case and was creative in fashioning solutions the parties found acceptable. I admired her candor. She would write out the agreement and get the proper signatures. She was the consummate professional.


"Thanks to the acumen of Neutral Fact-Finder Sylvia Skratek… the framework for an agreement now exists… She has heard our collective arguments, but more importantly, looked to the facts of the situation, not just our arguments to recommend the grounds for settlement. Her recommendations are true to the public policy concerns of government leaders and the taxpayers of the state. It is a settlement which will honor the needs not only of faculty, administrators and Trustees, but also the students…"
--- Union President
"This agreement strikes a realistic balance between providing deserved raises to our faculty and our limited financial resources… [Skratek] provided a road map to settle both economic and non-economic issues.”
--- University Chancellor


"She runs an impartial, efficient hearing and her rulings have been acceptable to both parties. It is important to the union that the grievants understand why they won or lost. Her decisions are well written, with the rationales for her decisions easy to understand. She is fair and judicious as an arbitrator.
She conducts a very dignified hearing, she issues fair rulings, and she issues well-reasoned decisions… whatever the final decisions, Skratek will always give fair hearing to both sides of a case, and will issue a decision that is rational, reasonable, and articulate."
--- Union Advocates
"She quickly grasped the issues and was able to resolve disputes decisively. I believe that both sides left the hearing believing that it was conducted in an impartial and fair manner… Skratek’s written decisions showed an excellent knowledge of the record and of the legal and factual issues presented by the case.
…Skratek represents the highest caliber of moral and ethical standards… she applies the rules of evidence and procedure fairly. She treats parties and their representatives kindly, fairly and with utmost professionalism… Skratek’s application of substantive principles of labor and employment law is fair, principled and intelligent, even in cases in which my client has not prevailed."
--- Management Advocates