Sylvia Skratek has over thirty five years of experience in negotiations and dispute resolution with an emphasis on Labor-Management and Public Policy disputes.

Dr. Skratek is a full time arbitrator and mediator in the United States and Canada. She serves as a permanent member of the dispute resolution panels of several industries including professional and high performance sports, airlines, utilities, healthcare, and communications as well as federal, state and local government, school districts and universities.

Dr. Skratek is vice president of the Mediation Research & Education Project, Inc., a not for profit corporation located in Chicago, which promotes mediation, negotiations training, and development of cooperative labor-management relationships.

As an adjunct professor at several Washington state universities, Dr. Skratek has developed and taught graduate level courses in conflict resolution, contract negotiations and administration, organizational effectiveness and interpersonal relations. She has also served as a guest lecturer at the University of British Columbia and the University of Victoria. She has provided arbitration and mediation training to professional advocates and attorneys, and has conducted cooperative labor relations programs for joint labor/management groups.

Dr. Skratek received her B.S. degree from Wayne State University in 1971, her M.L.S. from Western Michigan University in 1975 and her Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in 1985. Her doctorate areas of emphasis included public sector labor relations. She has had several articles published by such journals as the Labor Law Journal and the Negotiations Journal. She is a member of the National Academy of Arbitrators and the Arbitrators Association of British Columbia.



Dispute Systems Designer


National Academy
of Arbitrators

Organizational Affiliations

National Academy of Arbitrators (Board of Governors)
Arbitrators Association of British Columbia
Vice President, Mediation Research and Education Project, Chicago
Canadian Region (Region VII), National Academy of Arbitrators
American Arbitration Association
ADR of British Columbia, Member


Here are a couple of reviews of Sylvia Skratek's services. To read more about how she has helped with Arbitration, Mediation, and other forms of resolution.....

Dispute Resolution Training

Dr. Skratek assisted in the development of “a training program that was successful beyond our expectations.” She brought energy and enthusiasm “to this project, delivering training to almost 350 individuals, from union and management, on a topic that represented change and challenge.” She introduced them to Interest Based Problem Resolution techniques and skills and “taught them how to engage with each other from a place of knowledge and respect. They learned, and they are ready to be leaders of this change”.
Union and Management officials of an international corporation


Thanks to the acumen of Neutral Fact-Finder Sylvia Skratek… the framework for an agreement now exists… She has heard our collective arguments, but more importantly, looked to the facts of the situation, not just our arguments to recommend the grounds for settlement. Her recommendations are true to the public policy concerns of government leaders and the taxpayers of the state. It is a settlement which will honor the needs not only of faculty, administrators and Trustees, but also the students…
Union President